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Photography style analysis using Machine Learning
2020-11-22, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Athens), Αίθουσα 1
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Η ομιλία στοχεύει στην ανάλυση φωτογραφικής τεχνοτροπίας με Machine Learning.

H παρουσίαση καλύπτει από τις βασικές αρχές της φωτογραφίας μέχρι την ανάλυση των EXIF metadata με pandas & numpy, την προεπεξεργασία των εικόνων με OpenCV και τη δημιουργία ΑΙ pipeline με Tensorflow & Keras.

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Lives in Athens since '91. In September '09 begun his studies in TEI of Central Greece and received his diploma in December '14. He holds an MSc degree from ISICG postgraduate program of the Department of Informatics Engineering, University of West Attica and the Department of Informatics of the University of Limoges.
He works as an ML Engineer and pursues an Msc in Data Science by the NCSR Demokritos and the University of Peloponnese. His research interests expand in the domains of Machine/Deep learning and Computer Vision. He is also actively engaged in systems engineering, FLOSS & photography.