Software Quality Measurements: An Open Approach
2023-10-22, 17:10–17:30 (Europe/Athens), Α115-117

In this insightful talk, we will delve into the world of software quality measurements through the lens of the innovative project known as QualityDashboard. Developed by the Open Source team at University of Macedonia and Software and Data Engineering Lab of University of Macedonia, QualityDashboard represents a compelling example of open source collaboration's impact on enhancing software development processes.

QualityDashboard's primary goal is to provide a comprehensive dashboard that effectively displays data related to various projects undertaken by the university's department. This visualization tool serves as a means for organizations to track and analyze the quality of their software projects by integrating both software quality data and repository statistics. Furthermore, this talk will emphasize the importance of open science principles and their role in fostering transparency, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the software development community. We will provide valuable insights into how open approaches can empower organizations to make informed decisions, assess software quality, and refine their development processes for continuous improvement.

I just finished my bachelor's at University of Macedonia, Applied Informatics. I am interested in software engineer research and I have worked as a Junior Software Developer before. I am a founding member of the Open Source UoM promoting the free and open software/hardware at our University. Also I have been a volunteer at FOSSCOMM 2021.

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